Giant Yard Pong - 20 Cans

Giant Yard Pong - Large


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Giant Yard Pong - Large is a great game for any age! Whether your 8 years old just having a good time, or an adult wanting to remember their college years, this game covers it! Designed to look like a "solo cup", this game will bring back some memories, or blurred nights. This game can be setup indoors or outdoors, and with or without water. Even without water, the containers are heavy enough to prevent tipping during even the most extreme shots.

Rules of play: Each team of 2 will take 2 shots on their opponents containers. After making a shot, the opposite team has to remove a container. Containers can be re-arranged twice per game. The first team to eliminate all the containers wins!

Why is Giant Yard Pong - Large perfect for your party?

  • 1 set comes with 20 containers and 2 volleyballs
  • Containers are light and easy to move
  • Game can be set up both indoors and outdoors

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